(NOTE: The day on which the party will be held has been corrected to Thursday, May 9)

SAN FRANCISCO—Despite daily public tours, live shoots and the parties, not everyone can visit Kink.com's storied Armory in San Francisco. But now, thanks to virtual world designer Red Light Center, the doors to Kink's new 3D world, KinkVirtual.com, will be open to everyone. The Vancouver-based company has designed a scaled virtual version of Kink.com's headquarters, starting with the Victorian Upper Floor. The Kick-Off party will happen at 5 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday, May 9, and will feature hosts from Kink.com, including CEO Peter Acworth.

"What Red Light Center designed for us is amazing," said Kink.com's Robert Levy, who helped develop the project. "This will be the first chance many of our members have to enter our world. We're really excited to be able to expand the fantasy."

But this is no docent-led museum tour of the Kink Armory. KinkVirtual.com features a wide-array of play spaces, performance spaces and equipment — while the space is geared toward fans of Kink.com, the location is open to the millions who currently frequent the world.

"Kink.com is more than a network of porn sites, it's a culture," added Levy "And I think we're all looking at a unique opportunity to enhance the Kink experience by creating a virtual environment that will allow enthusiasts, employees, models and directors all to interact with the fetish community."

Red Light Center currently boasts over 12 million registered members and hasn't shied away from adult communities. Loosely based on Amsterdam's Red Light District, it features a range of communities and spaces, even those dedicated to alternative lifestyles, all with the immersive social networking RLC is known for.

"We're thrilled to open KinkVirtual.com here," said Zak Zarry of Red Light Center. "Kink is the largest fetish entertainment company in the world, and this is something a lot of Red Light Center users have been waiting for."

For more information, visit KinkVirtual.com.