SAN FRANCISCO—Life in the Armory can be a bubble, so when director Claire Adams was handed the reins for her first Hogtied feature, she headed out—far out.

Wet Rock Canyon, an epic production staged near the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, debuts on Kink’s this Monday. If the wide skies, harsh sun and spectacular terrain are new for Kink fans, the intricate rope work and unrelenting BDSM are not. Adams has worked with Kink since 2002, and currently directs both Hogtied and

For the Grand Canyon shoot, Adams filmed Penny Pax, Danny Wylde and Cherry Torn in a fantasy scenario that involves public sex, forced labor and a bondage suspension mounted on rock pillars. It was not an easy shoot, for either the performers or the cast.

"It’s dry, we’re at high-altitude and there’s a real danger from sunburn," said Adams. "But I love the outdoors. This was my fantasy, and it's an incredible scene."

In addition to the elements, Adams was forced to contend with a pair of on-lookers who stumbled upon the shoot while hiking. (Quick thinking and fast-talking saved the shoot.)

"The Utah border is not San Francisco, or even Los Angeles," said Adams. "But that’s part of the excitement."

Wet Rock Canyon is the first of two desert shoots for Hogtied. The second scene, featuring Amber Rayne and Maestro, is slated for December release.

John Sander, VP of Marketing for, says that shoots like this are important to the future growth of Kink, which currently runs over two dozen BDSM and fetish sites.

"The creativity and passion of directors like Claire are crucial to our success," Sander explained. "Kink has always pushed the boundaries of bondage and fetish, and it's shoots like this that have kept us at the top of the market for over a decade."

While affiliate packs for Wet Rock Canyon will be live on KinkyDollars on Monday, affiliates interested in advance materials for either shoot can contact directly here.

Publications or sites interested in interviewing Claire or any of the models about the shoots should contact's PR department.

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