NEW YORK—British adult star Katie K now is part of Vicky Vette's VNA webcam network. Katie has gained a huge following in the webcam community and UK TV world, acting as a regular interactive host for Studio66TV as well as webcam shows for her own site.

Members of Katie K's official website will not only have access to her webcam show, but also up to 30 live webcam shows every week. Fans who sign up will enjoy perks including, Katie's weekly webcam show, other live VNA shows daily, no per minute fees (webcam shows are completely free), and recorded and archived shows.

"I'm so excited to bring my fans such a wonderful offer," Katie K said. "My fans are the reason I have such a blessed life and fantastic career, and any chance I get to bring them something new and exciting, I do it. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes people are hesitant to join a website devoted to just one person. This way, if you feel like looking at some sexy footage of mine, you can—but if you feel like a checking out a different girl that day, as a member of my website, you can do that also. I think it's fantastic and I hope to bring my current members a treat as well as entice new members to sign up."

Sign up for Katie K's official website to get access to not only Katie's webcam shows, but hours of free VNA webcam programming.