NEW YORK, NY — Late last year, Julie Simone became a featured contributor to the international BDSM/fetish online publication, Scene Magazine. She has penned articles about aftercare, orgasm control, the stigma associated with strap-on play and the importance of warms-ups. Her latest piece, “Overcoming Hurdles,” can be viewed now

Scene Magazine says Simone was chosen for "her expertise as international model, domme, teacher, photographer and filmmaker, which is passed along in her personal column, where she shares her thoughts and opinions while pulling from her extraordinary experience." 

“I went through a phase where I wasn't writing much. I took down my e-book, The World of Julie Simone, which had several years of ultra-personal journals compiled and took a step back to evaluate how much of my personal life and experiences I wanted to share with the world,” says Simone. “I'm enjoying this new writing gig, as it allows me to draw from my experiences and share stories while hopefully enlightening, or at least amusing, readers. Look for a new article on the site from me each month.” 

In other Julie Simone news, Porn Life Magazine premiered with an in-depth profile about the talented femme.

Also, look for Simone on the catwalk for two designers, KLAWTEX and Vengeance Designs, during Miss Rubber World in NYC on March 24— and in the new blip tv sketch comedy series, Dominatrix Diaries, coming soon.