SAN FRANCISCO—HuntingMoon, a leading marketplace for adult asset liquidations since 2006, announced today that interest is strong in many domain names available for purchase in the 2013 Internext Premium Domain Auction. HuntingMoon and the GFY Community sourced several hundred category killer domains and portfolios ranging in valuations from under $100 up to $450,000.

This special premium curated auction event features carefully selected domains that enable investors to acquire strong keyword domains in the most high growth categories.

“HuntingMoon is seeing steady sales in categories such as Cams, Dating, Tube and Video, Gay, and other niches so it is logical to choose the most desirable names in the aftermarket for the Internext 2013 auction,” said Evan Horowitz, CEO of HuntingMoon Marketplace. “Parlaying the immense reach of the GFY community, we have combined the easy and efficient new HuntingMoon Marketplace platform with the incredible diversity and quality of the assets the community has to contribute. Buyers and sellers are connected in a safe and beneficial way on a worldwide stage.”

Timing is important because the Internext 2013 Auction ends Thursday, Feb. 7, at 2:20 p.m. PT.

All bids are managed through and the auction catalog is viewable here.

Past HuntingMoon Auction sales have included such premium domains as,,,,,,, Eric Borgos' 4,000 domain name portfolio for $1.3 million, and for $1.5 million.

To Speak with a broker, email, submit a contact here, or call (415) 750­-2570.

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