CYBERSPACE—Online adult store has announced its second joint effort, this time with adult studio Smash Pictures, to exclusively preview the HD title Prom Night Virgins for 30 days before its official release.’s month-long online-only premiere—from August 22 to September 20—gives viewers an early peek at Smash’s anticipated new title before it hits store shelves September 20. The coming-of-age comedy riffs on the popular prom night genre starring newcomer Belle Noire and current porn prom king and pop culture celebrity James Deen.   

"We are pleased to team up with on this 30-day advance of Prom Night Virgins," said Smash Pictures VP Stuart Wall. “During shooting there was a scandal where students were banned from prom for twerking in a YouTube video. What perfect timing for us to work in some twerking in our movie!” launched a similar 30-day preview earlier this month with Forbidden Fruit, which has thus far shown promising sales figures.’s Jeff Dillon believes this is a trend worth continuing.

“We’ve been encouraged by the interest in the 30-day preview and look forward to seeing how our customers respond long-term,“ said Dillon. “If viewers continue to support exclusive first-look online releases, we will give them more titles to choose from, which we hope is a growing trend.”

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