MONTREAL—Gamma Entertainment subsidiary FameDollars has announced the launch of Evil Angel's latest Voracious episode, entitled "It's a Dangerous Game." The exclusive webisode features Lea Lexis as Adrianna and award-winner Steve Holmes as Father Zoltan.

In episode 8, Adrianna reveals what she has been thinking about for hundreds of years. She conspires with the priest protector of the clan, Father Zoltan, to satisfy the intoxicating pleasure of power. The Voracious saga was born from Stagliano's desire to create a feature film akin to Fashionistas Safado. He chose Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis for the lead roles and the movie came together as both porn stars helped him co-write the scenes, Lexis even serving as Stagliano's co-producer in Budapest and in Berlin where this scene was shot. Lee was chosen as the lead character and Lexis wasn't pleased about it, but Stagliano managed to use Lexis' competitive drive to create the secondary lead in the movie.

"Lea Lexis is apparently still pissed off at me because I cast Brooklyn Lee in the lead instead of her, as exhibited by her fucking the bejesus out of the priest Steve Holmes," said Stagliano. "Steve's abnormally huge penis fights back mightily."

The streaming-only episode premieres today on and a special section has been designated to direct surfers to all of the previous webisodes of the series, plus some behind-the-scenes commentaries.

"All the Voracious episodes are emotionally draining and the protagonists really did a great job expressing John's vision," said FameDollars Director of Product and Development, Magalie Rheault. "You get into the scene and believe that the fantasy is so real. That's what we want our surfers to experience when they come to our sites."

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