CYBERSPACE—If 2012 lives up to it's notoriety as the beginning of the end, there isn't another bombshell the folks at would rather spend their last days looking at than Bluebird Films contract star Dylan Ryder. It’s a good thing then that Ryder has won the site’s 2012 5 Star Award by a landslide, making her the new face on its homepage for the next 365 days.

Ryder entered the industry in 2005 and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her decision to enter adult entertainment was an extension of her already flirtatious demeanor, said PornStarGlobal in an announcement issued Tuesday. With a body carved from strict workout regimens, competitive swimming and modeling, it's no surprise Ryder is one of the most desired contract stars in the business.

"This is wonderful new experience for us,” said R. Smith of Smith Villa. "Announcing our future involvement in and crowning 2012 5 Star Award winner Dylan Ryder will make it hard to forget this day. Although we will be traveling in a slightly different promotional direction, what the site has accomplished is certainly dynamic.”

The 5 Star Award voting process contains only three short fields to fill out and one click of the mouse. Each voter instantly receives a conformation email after voting. The 2013 voting system is open now.

For more information, contact Reese Smith of Smith Villa Productions at