LOS ANGELES—Sociologist and adult industry expert Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D can be seen now on the award-nominated podcast DrunkCast Live, where she discusses adult entertainment’s impact on society, sexuality and more

“The adult industry has become so much a part of our popular culture," she said. "There are still many misconceptions and a general misunderstanding, so it’s great to be able to speak out and educate people on adult entertainment’s impact and significance on culture."

A popular live podcast, DrunkCast Live offers listeners a chance to listen to top actors, directors, musicians, and experts on pop culture as they take on hot subjects of the day with hosts Travis Kelldorf, Dylan, Ben “Banjo” Hampton, Adam and Donnie. The episode is available at DrunkCastLive.com.

“This week, the ‘semi-award’ winning comedy podcast DrunkCast Live is excited to welcome renowned sociologist, author, and adult film industry expert, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals," said Kelldorf. "Join us as we share a drink or two and talk about people watching, social justice and of course, a little bit of porn."

Dr. Chauntelle is fresh off her appearance this week on MindBrowse.com, where she led an interactive discussion titled “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths.” The event featured prominent women from adult entertainment, including Penthouse’s Managing Director Kelly Holland and adult star Ashley Fires, alongside other panelists with a diversity of stances on adult entertainment.

Known for her extensive research into the adult industry, Dr. Chauntelle has become a leading authority into the impact, dynamics and social relevance of adult content and the implications of laws targeting porn on free speech and society as a whole. Her work, which has been published in academic journals, examines workplace safety and autonomy within the adult industry, as well as the stigma experienced by women workers who are not performers due to their involvement in the industry.

The noted sociologist, who was recently featured in the newest edition of The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology, will answer questions from listeners regarding all socio-cultural aspects of the adult entertainment industry, gender, sexuality, technology, and more.

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