HOLLYWOOD, CA—Award-winning adult actor Derrick Pierce joined Britain's Fanny Hunter to become the first male performer interviewed for their Naked Interview series. Fanny Hunter is the UK's premier babe-finder featuring naughty and sexy links, articles, photos, and interviews.

Chosen as the first male featured in Fanny Hunter's interview series, Derrick delivers sexy tidbits and insight into the mind of a male performer. From intimate details about his day-to-day life, to secrets about his time behind the camera and his favorite moments in front of the camera, Derrick delivers extra juicy details about himself. If anyone thinks they know Derrick, this telling interview will make them think again.

When asked about the worst part of his job, Derrick explained, "A bunch of guys are usually hanging over my shoulder with a camera when I’m trying to have a 'moment' with a beautiful woman."

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Ever the busy bad boy, Derrick also found time to sit down with Forno TV for a revealing interview in which he talks about his beginnings as a personal trainer and martial arts instructor as well as where he sees himself and his career in the future. Dishing tips on how to perform like an adult industry star and what it's like to pleasure the hottest women, Derrick delivers even more details for his fans.

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Derrick Pierce is represented by Robert at 101 Modeling, which may be reached by phone at 323-217-6975.