AUSTRIA—Mobile operator payment provider DIMOCO has announced a cooperative effort with Slovenian network operator Si.mobil to launch a new payment product, direct carrier billing, which allows companies to bill their digital content in a more flexible way and in a tariff range of up to 15 Euros. The new product can also be used for digital content orders on traditional and mobile sites.

“As a European mobile operator payment partner, we closely co-operate with mobile network operators," said DIMOCO CEO Gerald Tauchner. "Thanks to our great partnership with Si.mobil we are now launching our new payment product to bring more flexibility to business customers who want to bill their digital content services via Si.mobils’ network."

DIMOCO's direct carrier billing product allows companies to bill their digital content very easily, with a lot more transparency and increased security standards. “No MT (mobile terminated) messages are necessary in the mobile web opt-in process. The charging logic is hosted by the business customers and refunds can easily be managed via API," added Tauchner.

According to the DIMOCO and Juniper Research white paper, 2.1 million people in Slovenia have cell phones, 27.6 percent of them have smartphones, and 72.4 percent use a mass market handset. With a total penetration rate of more than 100 percent compared with a 38.6 percent credit card penetration, mobile operator payment is the payment method with the broadest potential reach in Slovenia.

Since the company was founded in 2000, DIMOCO has worked constantly on intensifying its partnerships with the European mobile network operators, culminating in the partnership with Si.mobil, making direct carrier billing possible. Today, the company is a leading mobile payment provider in Europe, has direct connections to network operators and reaches approximately  1 billion consumers in 32 countries via mobile operator payment.

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