CYBERSPACE—DDF Network announced today that the company will now be accepting gift cards as payment on all network sites. Affiliate Manager Robin Necula said, "This is a new revenue stream for us which we haven't ventured yet, and we are the first European adult site to accept this form of payment."

Necula added, "Paygarden contacted us about the integration and all of its benefits and within a very short test period we had some nice results. The objective is to create another type of customer who may not have joined before. Completely anonymous payment system, and over 100 brand-name gift cards which are accepted at the moment"

The system is quite straightforward. Web surfers click on a banner on the site or the join page, and they are then redirected to the specific site-customized Paygarden payment page. The prospective member chooses a gift card brand and enters the serial and pin number on the back of the card. The system then calculates the remaining balance on the card and provides a set number of days for membership. The member then enters an email address, and a code for access to the sites will be mailed to that inbox.

No rebill worries, no major personal information given. It's all quite easy, with purchases made completely incognito.