LONDON— is reminding performers and agents that its premiere made-to-order solo video clip site offers a way to maintain profits during the industry-wide moratorium that went into effect this past Friday.

"We fully support moratoriums, such as the one currently in effect, as they are extremely important to maintain the health of the entire adult industry,” said Customs4U founder and CEO Tim Stokely. “However, the aftershock effects in terms of profits cannot be ignored – a moratorium means performers are unable to work and agents don’t make their commissions. Distributors and production companies may then miss a release date a month from now, which then trickles down to content being unavailable to consumers.”

“Customs4U mitigates a large percentage of that loss by allowing talent to continue to work by creating made-to-order solo content for their fan base using their mobile device,” he continued. “Customs4U also offers a white-label solution for agencies, providing them with a fully branded version of the custom video site, which allows agencies to fully utilize their talent roster and capitalize from the increasing demand for custom video content. Production companies with contract performers may do the same. In this way, Customs4U allows the industry to keep their losses as low as possible during work stoppages, such as moratoriums.”

The website gives fans a portal through which customers can submit requests for personalized videos of their direction—using their chosen scenario, with their favorite performer, all in a variety of fetishes and scripts. Through Customs4U, customers can select a performer, request a specific type of scene, under their direction—and be guaranteed that the intimate, personalized clip will be delivered to them by a specific deadline.

Customs4U makes the process of selling custom videos easy for performers. Mitigating the need for webcams, studios, and other high-cost equipment, the site allows models to create and upload scenes from their smartphones and tablets. As videos are automatically transferred to the customer's account on upload, delivery is swift and discrete. The creation of custom videos also mitigates piracy, keeps overhead costs down, with the performer retaining sole copyright, and creates a direct revenue stream.

To date, over 400 models have created profiles on the site, and have begun creating personalized videos for fans. Scene themes cover a range from a wide variety of erotic fantasies, including ass-worship, blowjob/dildo POV, cuckoldry, foot fetish, small penis humiliation, smoking, up-skirt, strip-tease, hardcore, solo masturbation, toy play and more. Models are able to set their own prices, with the ability to charge extra for any category. They may also set their own limits and types of scenes available through individualized profiles.

Performers and models can sign up by clicking here. Fans interested in ordering personalized clips may sign up here.

Talent, agents, and studios interested in adding white label versions of Customs4U to their websites can contact more information and assistance.

For more information, visit, Twitter, or Facebook.