VENICE, Calif.—If you haven’t already bought the Mandingo Massacre 5 DVD, you now have the opportunity to buy the scene on Appropriately named "Christie Stevens Gets Mandingo in Her Mouth," it is a memorable scene and anyone who is familiar with Mandingo will understand that getting Mandingo in any orifice can be a challenge. It runs a sizzling 25 minutes and features an enthusiastic and, initially, blindfolded Christie. The movie itself has received rave reviews and Christie has been noted as a standout.

RogReviews called her performance “fantastic,” going on to say that she is making a “huge splash” and that she is “one of the hottest up and coming stars in porn.” Also making its debut is a fresh interview with Christie by Confab Nation that was so action-packed that they had to cut it into two parts. In it, she explains that she likes to push her limits, “seeing how much I can handle and take.” Judging by the Mandingo scene, Christie can take a lot.

Fans hoping to get to know Christie in person should know she will be appearing at the XO Ball Expo, “an erotic costume ball and expo,” later this month at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. For more information, go here.