LOS ANGELES—Director, actress and performer Princess Donna Dolore is featured in the "Birds & Bullwhips" column, exclusively found on Playboy.com. "Birds & Bullwhips" aims to delve into the different sides of sex and sexuality through conversations with people who are outside of the norm.

The extensive article goes into Donna’s history, including her time studying at NYU and the Tisch School of the Arts. Donna goes into great detail about her experience working with James Franco on the documentary Kink, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January.

"Shooting the documentary was really a wonderful experience," she recalled. "I love Christina Voros; she was an amazing person to shoot it, and working with James Franco has been really inspiring so I feel very thankful for the opportunity to do that."

Donna also stars in another documentary, Public Sex, Private Lives, which is directed by Simone Jude. "Simone and I have been working together for years, and it followed me and Lorelei Lee and Isis Love… I think it will give an even deeper look into who we are and our family lives and all of that stuff."

Princess Donna Dolore's rise to become one of the top female BDSM directors in the adult industry is a direct result of her passion, talent, and drive. Her impressive work directing and performing in countless demanding scenes makes it clear that she has made her mark, particularly at Kink.com, San Francisco’s premier BDSM studio.

California-born Dolore fell in love with the art of photography and the politics of sex and gender equality as a teen, studying both at New York University and its prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, and continuing her passions into the BDSM community, exhilarated by the intensity of the work. Upon graduation she landed at Kink.com and moved to San Francisco to direct, perform and develop ideas for Kink.com’s new ventures, elevating both sales and brand recognition for Kink.com and its sites.

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