TEMPE, Ariz.—Global e-commerce solutions provider CCBill is once again joining the fight against AIDS by supporting the upcoming AIDS/LifeCycle event with a charitable donation. Specifically, the company announced today, it is sponsoring Cybersocket President Morgan Sommer’s participation as a bicycle rider.

“It is our privilege and honor to make this contribution for Morgan’s participation, and in doing so also assist in the advancement of the greater cause as a whole,” said Gary Jackson, managing VP of sales and internet markets for CCBill. “AIDS continues to have a major impact on the nation and world, and this event continues to play an important role in increasing public awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS.”

The AIDS/LifeCycle 12 ride takes place June 2-8, covering a 545-mile distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is the 12th year for the ride, and the third year that Sommer has participated. It is also the third year CCBill has supported the Cybersocket president's participation in the ride.

“This event is truly amazing. It brings people together from all walks of life with a common goal of helping others and in an atmosphere of fitness, fun and cooperation. Donations to ALC 12 go directly to help people who need and cannot afford treatment for AIDS/HIV," Sommer said.

"Many members of our industry have supported me in this cause last year and this year and for this I am immensely grateful," Sommer added. "Our industry community is filled with good-hearted and generous people. I like to think about the people who have demonstrated their support last year and this year while I am pedaling up hour-long climbs. It is incredibly motivating. CCBill and others help to keep me inspired to continue doing the training and finish this year’s ride.”

“We are humbled by Morgan’s dedication to this ride and cause,” Jackson said. “We wish him the best of luck and encourage others to join in offering their support.”

For more information about how to get involved or make a contribution, visit Morgan Sommer’s participant page on the AIDS/LifeCycle website.