MOBILESPACE—Gian Carlo Scalisi and Carmen Lumina, two mobile experts who led Brokerbabe to success, have decided after two years to step down from management positions and cultivate a new high-tech mobile project:

Scalisi and Lumina both expressed their satisfaction with the level of success they achieved at BrokerBabe, noting that they had met their goals for the company and it was time to seek out new challenges.

“I'm proud to be part of this group that led Brokerbabe to its success. We put a lot of time and energy and original thinking into it. We have given all our experience, knowledge and energy to the company and we had the luck to meet many great people from the industry and establish great friendships,” Scalisi said.

“We didn’t separate ourselves from Brokerbabe because of any lack of enthusiasm for the concept,” he explained, “but because it was time, after so many years in the industry, to take the challenge and develop our own ideas and concepts.”

Lumina added, “We wish the best of luck to all the BrokerBabe team and we are confident that they will continue reaching great results and we will continue to collaborate with them, as our businesses will be complementary.”