LOS ANGELES—Rising porn star Britney Brooks is adult search engine Booble.com's Booble Girl of the Month for July 2009.

In the monthly fan-based award contest for the best 'boobles' in adult, Brooks edged out Catalina Cruz for first place in the voting.

"I am honored that the fans on the internet voted me Booble Girl of the Month for July over such stiff competition,” Brooks said. “I am fairly new in the business so I did not expect my boobles to be chosen to win  I kind of thought that only enhanced boobles with silicone/saline had a real chance of winning.  I have a few tricks up my blouse for the Girl of the Year contest.  Who knows, maybe I can win the 2009 overall crown"  

Booble Bob of the site said, "Britney is an all-new contestant who sent in her Booble fansign to see if she could win.  It just goes to show what you can do with fan support and a great pair of boobles.  It is nice to see a fresh young face win something like this.”

All girls who send in their fansigns get exposure no matter how long they have been in the business or in the competition, Booble Bob added.

“It is shaping up to be a great Booble Girl of the Year contest,” he said. “Only one monthly qualifying spot remains for the $5,000 Booble Girl of the Year contest next month. I can't wait to see who pulls it out.  So far we have crowned 11 pairs of boobles; so, there’s one more pair of boobs left to squeeze into the run-off for the Girl of the Year contest." 

Britney Brooks can be reached at: Britney@Britneyathome.com.