LOS ANGELES—Immoral Productions has announced the recipient of its fourth model of the month award—Britney “Baby Whore” Amber. Even though production was halted halfway through the month because of a moratorium, Immoral Productions says it shot almost two dozen models and that several of them starred in some superb shows.

“Britney Amber has shot for us well over a dozen times, signed for us at the AVN show and represented us at the Phoenix Forum,” said Porno Dan Leal, CEO of Immoral Productions. “In August we finally got her to come to be the main model for Fuck A Fan. Our ‘Baby Whore’ performed like I thought she would, and it was one of the best Fuck A Fan shows we have ever done. Britney is so much more than a pretty face; she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I always look forward to the days when I see her name on our schedule.”

Amber commented, “I always have so much fun when I come to shoot for Dan and the guys at Immoral Productions. I get to be myself and do things that I really like to do, and this is where I earned my nickname, ‘Baby Whore’!”

Britney Amber was also one of the main models for season two of the reality TV show, The Right Hand, which follows the exploits and adventures of Porno Dan and his fun-loving crew. She has appeared on over a half dozen Immoral Productions box covers and has appeared in well over 20 of their DVDs. In addition, she has been named to Immoral Productions Top Models of the Quarter List five times.