CYBERSPACE—B&B Research and Development has recently secured an exclusive licensing contract for Cursor Marketing, an innovated marketing technology that could impact the adult internet significantly.  

“This patented technology will revolutionize marketing for the adult industry," said Bill Pickard, Director of New Business Development for B&B. "I believe the technology is the hottest and most effective method of marketing to hit the market in quite some time.”

Cursor Marketing provides content providers with a strategic and tactical solution that allows them to offer advertisers targeted impressions and clicks—generating a new, non-cannibalistic revenue stream. Cursor Marketing offers a patented marketing vehicle that integrates into content feeds to give publishers and webmasters the ability to increase their revenue.

“The system can be used as a standalone ad unit, or it can be combined with standard Internet ads, no matter how those ads are served,” added Pickard. “This innovative cursor driven ad network, presents an advertiser's offering to the exact position a user is looking when the ad is displayed. Ads are delivered to the user's cursor upon visiting a participating publisher's website.”

Jason Campagnolo, an executive at Lexos Media responsible for the delivery of this game changing advertising technology, added, “Our patented ad delivery solution changes the state of the cursor for a few seconds while the ad is clickable. When a user clicks on an advertisement, a new window containing the advertiser's landing page or website destination opens and immediately captures the attention of the user.”

B&B Research and Development ran successful test on adult sites, including one of the sites owned by porn star Victoria Givens. “After running a test one of my tour pages," said Givens, "my bottom line for that site increased dramatically."

Frank Taylor, Director of Sales for B&B, discovered this phenomenal technology and quickly participated in the research, development and delivery of this product to the adult industry. “I go way back in the day when the content market was difficult, and required huge investments to be successful," he said. "I decided to be the person to introduce this technology to the Industry that would benefit and promote it the best, the Adult Industry.”

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