SAN DIEGO — Avy Scott has returned to porn: The buxom adult film star just wrapped a shoot for Naughty America.

The scene is one of the first she's done since her return to adult entertainment, following a hiatus.

"She looks great," said Naughty American spokesperson Max Constupro. "Her old fans will be thrilled she's back. Her new ones will see what they've missed."

The 27-year-old Tampa native entered the industry in 2001 and claimed that she would quit performing when her boobs told her it was time to go.

"I don't think I'll be in the business 10 years from now," she said in a 2002 interview. "I don't think my boobs will last that long."

No worries there, assures Constupro.

"Her boobs continue to be one of her best attributes," he confirmed. "And as far as I can tell, she won't be retiring for a while."

"I like the sex the most," Scott said in the same interview seven years ago. "There are a lot of things I like about [performing], but definitely the sex. That's why I started."

Scott also turned to directing in 2006 for NorthStar, as reported by AVN.

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