LOS ANGELES—Who needs an MBA when you can have a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement? That's the mantra behind ArrangementFinders.com, a site geared for those seeking the perfect arrangement. Recently retired adult star Mariah Milano has been named the company's official spokesmodel.

"I am the CPO of the company!" Milano joked. "It stands for Chief Pleasuring Officer and I am in charge of making sure that the girls are top-of-the-line hot and that there are plenty of them for the men to choose from."

ArrangementFinders.com is an service that connects men and women looking for mutually beneficial arrangements. Unlike traditional dating sites, ArrangementFinders.com has three girls to every guy; perfect for a modern day “foursome,” the company said.

"After I was contacted about a possible working relationship with ArrangementFinders, I looked into what the site was all about. I think it is an amazing idea," Milano explained. "These guys have great jobs, but aren't sugar daddies; they are regular guys who want to focus on getting sexy women into their lives, and in return these guys will do anything to make sure all her needs are met."

Everyone on ArrangementFinders.com has one similar interest--hooking up and each getting something out of it. This site provides a service catering to ambitious and attractive girls from all walks of life seeking men who will help a girl with all her needs.

Milano adds, "Whether it's helping a single mom make ends meet, a day of shopping, or a mini vacation, it's a great platform to find some amazing arrangements. It's free to create your profile and they have an excellent affiliate program that converts like crazy with adult traffic."

Milano is shooting a series of TV an internet adds for the company's new marketing campaign.