LOS ANGELES—Porn performer/gamer Alana Evans will appear on Sam Tripoli's The Naughty Show podcast tomorrow, February 25, when she will be talking about her passion for video games and her unique website, PwnedByGirls.com, which pits porn fans against their favorite porn stars playing their favorite video games.

"I am so excited to be on Sam's show," said Evans. "I think his podcast as well as his live shows have really helped bring our industry into the eyes of a lot of mainstream people. It's a great crossover opportunity and Sam is always hilarious and fun to be with so the show should be a really great time. I am also excited to tell the fans about our gaming site. It is a really unique product and I think Sam's listeners will really get a kick out of what we're doing."

Also appearing on the show is jack-of-all-trades and fellow radio host Jason Ellis, who Evans appeared with last week on Dr. Drew On Call on CNN, when she spoke about being a mother in the adult industry.

LA SpeedWeed will also be on the show, running their Ms. LA SpeedWeed contest.

Sam Tripoli's The Naughty Show airs on PlayboyRadio.com live on Tuesday, February 25 from 9pm-11pm PT.

Past episodes of the podcast can be heard here.

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