LOS ANGELES—Performing live on Mother’s Day, Asa Akira and Eric John’s performance on Erotique Entertainment’s “Superstar Sunday Live” was the most-watched broadcast of Erotique’s live division, ErotiqueTV, John reports. 

The previous record was held by the threesome of Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly and John the previous Sunday. 

In addition to the record-setting numbers, Akira and John essayed a creative cum shot. 

“For the cum shot, I was lying on my back with my feet in the air, naked except for my stiletto black heels," Akira said. "Eric not only came by sliding his cock on my stillettos (only using them!), but he was able to cover my entire front, breasts, face, even a drop on my tongue. It was amazing. It looked great too.”

John reports that the success of the broadcast was even more impressive due to some initial technical obstacles when it first went live.

“It is extremely rare that the site has any issues at all, so the timing—on Mother’s Day and while we had Asa on—was extremely frustrating, “ describes John.

The site's tech issues were resolved after just a few minutes. 

“I believe most people who were with us when we initially had problems joined the show when we were back up and running," John said. "Just in case, if you were there at the beginning and didn’t realize we restarted, and somehow you missed the actual show, please email me personally at EricJohn@ErotiqueEntertainment.com, and I will make sure that we do something special for you. Our fans are incredibly important to us, and we want their experience to be flawless.”

Akira and John have scheduled an encore performance for June 30.