CYBERSPACE—Leading adult film producer/distributor HotGold has for years focused on the specific kinds of erotica that fit the appetite of a massive regional audience within Portugal. Now, as the studio seeks to broaden its international appeal and expand into 3D content, it has chosen the AdultCentro Publisher platform as the primary technology to propel their videos to new heights.

"As the internet continues to churn out mediocre free porn, it is essential that quality studios raise the bar and offer audiences a premium experience beyond anything they can find gratis," said Carlos Ferreira of Hotgold. "Our state of the art 3D content rivals any Hollywood 3D epic in terms of its emotional appeal, and our fans have already demonstrated their willingness to pay full price for a site worthy of their affection. That's why it was so important for us to find a technological platform capable of keeping pace with the expectations of our valued customers. AdultCentro was clearly the best option right from the start."

AdultCentro is more than just a white-label option for paysite publishers, but a flexible publisher platform offering a revolutionary step forward in the evolution of leased content for adult site owners. Rather than purchasing content as a prepaid expense and attempting to monetize it, AdultCentro allows domain owners to create a fully functional paysite in less than 10 minutes with access to millions of dollars worth of premium adult content priced as low as $99.00 per month or .99 cents per gigabyte of bandwidth.

"We are very excited to be working with HotGold on the site because it is so obvious that their intentions are to satisfy their customers completely, something we focus on every day as well," said Alan Hall of "When talented people work together and share a sense of purpose, great things happen."

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