CHARLOTTE, NC—AEBN is streaming a new parody film from director Jim Powers and his Powersville Inc. production company that features sexy sketches spoofing everything from The Brady Bunch to the Twilight franchise. Marcia is on full display in this new erotic send-up of the classic sitcom, Marcia's Twat: A XXX Brady Parody.

Powers shines a light on what really happened in the Brady household for everyone to enjoy, but he doesn't stop there; the film also offers vignettes lampooning characters from The King of Queens and Married with Children, as well as the Twilight films. The film stars Evan Stone as Al Bundy, Jennifer White as Bella, and Jessica Andrews as Marcia, along with the rest of the top-notch cast.

"Jim Powers gets right to the point with these scenes, giving audiences exactly what they'd been wishing for when they'd watched these shows growing up," said AEBN's Jerry Anders. "Fans of the parody genre won't want to miss his spin of these popular characters and situations."

Marcia's Twat: A XXX Brady Parody is available in crisp high definition across the AEBN network of theaters.