BEVERLY HILLS—A titillating visit with porn superstar Skin Diamond ("I put clothespins and clamps all over my pussy and have someone hold it, then I jump off.") and an exclusive interview with media con artist Ryan Holiday ("The Internet is so desperate for any signal that the thing that it’s doing is the right thing, that people like me can manipulate it by artificially creating those signals.") headline the June 2013 issue of Hustler, hitting the street on Tuesday, March 19.  

In "Hardcore or High Culture," Hustler takes an in-depth look at how smut, fetish and fashion feed off each other ("Every little girl’s idol and role model has a sex tape out."). In "Love Me, Love My Mom," readers will meet the Sexxxtons, porn’s newest mother-daughter duo flirting with a hot taboo ("It was a little uncomfortable because it is my mom, and we were sharing a partner.")  And, in "Doom and Gloom," an eyewitness recalls The Rolling Stones’ nightmare gig, 1969’s Altamont music festival, where the band and their fans faced off with beer-guzzling Hells Angels armed with pool cues and knives ("As we talked, the four of us were unaware that someone had been killed about 30 feet in front of us").  

Tampa’s stunning Macy Cartel ("I wish I had X-ray vision. That way I could see what I’m getting long before the dude unzips his pants.") heats up June’s Hustler centerfold spread, and the issue sizzles with pictorials of CoverBabe Kelly Surfer ("I’m a complete sexual freak."), Lana Lopez ("I’m very restless. I don’t like doing the same thing night after night.") and Abigail Mac ("Just before we reached the top of the mountain, we suddenly decided to fuck right there on the trail.").

Also featured are pictorials of Hustler Video’s The General Goes All In and Nella Jay Finding Her Inner Slut. Editor Robert Scheer looks at "Greedonomics," syndicated columnist Nat Hentoff pens "Raping the Bill of Rights" and Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt editorializes that "Entitlements are a Right."

Hustler is one of America’s most popular adult magazines. Based in Beverly Hills, California, it has been publishing monthly since July 1974.

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