BURBANK, Calif.—Many sex toys look like works of art, but how few actually make their debut behind museum walls? The German sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory has just thrown its second launch party at a New York museum, this time for its first unisex pulsator.

The Museum of Sex in New York City just hosted a party for the launch of Fun Factory's Stronic Zwei (see video on Huffington Post), one of only two pulsators in the world. (Fun Factory's first pulsator, called Stronic Eins, also made its debut at the Museum of Sex.)

Pulsators look just like vibrators, but they behave differently. They do not vibrate; rather, they thrust back and forth with motions inspired by the act of lovemaking. The best part is they do not require users to hold them in place or utilize their hands to work the toy. Pulsators can be used hands-free in most lovemaking positions (kneeling, laying on side, belly or back, riding, doggy), as if engaged in real intercourse.

Using the Stronic pulsator in these positions, together with the back-and-forth thrusting of the toy, gives users a realistic sensation. "It's like the toy has volition, control, and is making love to me," wrote a reviewer. Fun Factory claims that this sensation makes using the Stronic a more emotional experience than what one experiences while pleasuring oneself solo with a vibrator or manually.

Fun Factory bolsters this boast by examining language used by reviewers, bloggers and reporters who have tested the Stronic. When describing the Stronic, the writers used more humanizing and emotional language than they did reviewing any vibrator on the market.

Sex Educator MamaSutra said: “it’s like a partner, minus the drama.” A male reviewer claimed Stronic is “my long strong German boyfriend,” and a lady user wrote “last time I got done with a Stronic session, I laid the toy next to me on the edge of the bathtub and looked at it with emotion, thinking to myself: am I falling in love with a machine? Does this toy know me or something?”

Recently, two more reviewers also commented “the fact that Stronic thrusts on its own pleasures me and engages me on a deeper level than if I were holding a vibrating device and activating it myself” and “I feel self-conscious when I masturbate sometimes, but with Stronic I have no choice but to let go. It’s almost like someone else is doing this to me and so I do not feel guilty, because I am not moving the toy, it’s moving me.”

A company release describes how to use the pulsator: “The user (man or woman) inserts a portion of the toy’s shaft anally or vaginally, presses the 'Fun' button. ... The Stronic moves on its own until orgasm is reached. The key here is that Stronic lets the user assume a more passive, less controlling stance while he/she is playing solo. It’s the Stronic 'working' the user, not the reverse. This control-free posture is a more vulnerable and open posture than what we are used to from using vibrators; it's a more emotional experience.”

Said Emilie Rosan, director of marketing at Fun Factory USA, “our initial goal was not necessarily to build a toy inducing stronger emotions during solo play. Our mission was to invent a technology that provides more realistic sensations and performs back-and-forth motions. We accomplished this, and after receiving feedback from users, we realized motions and emotions are indeed linked and can give rise to one another.”

Rosan added, “Maybe the Stronic is one of those inventions that blur the line between two things we had previously thought of as completely distinct: masturbation and lovemaking. I find it very poetic that the Stronic helps masturbation feel more like making love with oneself.”

Stronic pulsators are a new category of sex toy, standing alone as an alternative to vibrators. They are rechargeable, 100 percent medical-grade silicone, submersible and covered by a two-year warranty. They are fit for both prostate and G-spot play, which makes them unisex. More of the Stronic pulsator’s features are listed at FunFactoryUSA.com.

Want to know more? Check out a video on Huffington Post about the Museum of Sex launch party and read a rave review on the Bust magazine website.

But seeing is believing—and pleasure product buyers will have the opportunity to do just that at this weekend's Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, where Rosan and the rest of the Fun Factory team will be on board to demo the Stronic Zwei and all of the company's other product—each one a sleek, colorful fun factory of its own.