AUBURN, Wash.—Peekay Inc. has donated $15,787 to Save the Ta-Tas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research.

During the month of October, Peekay donated 5 percent of retail sales from its Sutera line of products. Peekay also designated every Tuesday in October "Ta-Tas Tuesday," and the company doubled their donation to 10 percent of retail sales from its Sutera line. All 44 of Peekay's stores participated in the fundraising effort.

"As a company that strives to make a positive contribution to women's health and well-being, it was important to us to do something to help fight a disease that has touched so many of our lives," said Martin Walker, director of marketing for Peekay. "Save the Ta-Tas is an incredible organization and we are happy to make a donation, which we know they will use to directly fund breast cancer research. Our employees and customers were very enthusiastic in their support of our efforts and we couldn't make this contribution without them."

"I am extremely honored by the generous donation and commitment Peekay has shown to this important cause, and more importantly the victims of cancer," said Julia Fikse, the founder and creator of Save the Ta-Tas. "Thank you, Peekay, for not only your heart to spread awareness, but also your commitment to making donations that help end this disease and the devastation it leaves in its wake. With companies who contribute like Peekay, cancer, your days are numbered!"

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