PHOENIX—PHS International has set a new trend in erotic fashion with its collection of stainless steel cock rings that combine form, function and fashion for the ultimate male adornment. From colorful enamel to simple sleek steel, PHS stainless steel c-rings provide sturdy support while exuding a luxurious look that has caught the attention of purveyors of erotic jewelry and bridged the gap between two product categories.

Traditionally used to maintain a hard erection, PHS’s steel c-rings have become must-haves in the erotic jewelry market as more men around the world rely on them to adorn their most precious body parts in the bedroom and out on the town. PHS’s seamless steel cock rings feature solid weight that pushes the penis and testicles up for a visually appealing display while encasing the wearer in a stylish package.

“We’ve seen sales of our stainless steel cock rings skyrocket in the last year as their popularity has spread into the erotic jewelry and apparel markets,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “We provide the widest selection of hues and finishes on our steel rings in three popular sizes because our customers know there’s a fashion statement to be made with every PHS steel cock ring.”

Each stainless steel cock ring variety is available in 1.75-inh, 1.87-inch, and 2-inch sizes and swing-tagged with a ball-chain connector and velvet pouch ideal for display in a glass case. These stunning cock rings offer retailers the best quality at the most reasonable price points with an air of affordable luxury that’s designed to sell.

PHS’s stainless steel cock ring styles include bright red, blue and yellow enamel inlays and a selection of finishes, including matte black and polished silver.

“Many men and women are turned on merely by the site of a man adorned with a steel cock ring so we figure if you’re going to choose steel, why not make it gorgeous?” Harnish said.

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