TAMPA, Fla.—Masque Sexual Flavors, the gel strips that make bedroom fun a little sweeter, made their way into the pockets and bags of new fans this past week at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida. Free samples of the oral sex enhancer were snapped up on Austin’s Sixth Street as eagerly as they were on Daytona’s Main Street.

Masque sponsored four nights of live music showcases at SXSW, and samples of all four flavors—strawberry, watermelon, chocolate and mango—were served up to the crowds as they shook, rattled and rolled to the music of up-and-coming bands.

The gel strips also got great exposure to consumers at Daytona Bike Week, where 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts turned up for more than seven days of parties, concerts and street festivals. The fun-seeking fans enjoyed gift bags full of adult pleasure products, which gave many their first taste of Masque. One company rep gleefully noted, “Give a biker a free sample of Masque and you’ve made a friend for life.”

“Events like SXSW and Bike Week bring out adventurous folks who like to meet new people, try new things and share their experiences,” said Masque CEO Michael Guilfoyle. “We hope they’re sharing their experiences while enjoying Masque!”

Guilfoyle said that Masque has benefited quite nicely from these high-profile events, and he expects to be on board for more good times this year. “We are excited to get Masque to people who might not know about it—or try it—otherwise,” Guilfoyle added. “The whole idea behind Masque is about having fun, so we simply go where the fun is.”

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