STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Just in time for the kickoff of the World Cup in Brazil, LELO has published data from its website stating that men are responsible for 72 percent of sex toy sales in the days before major sporting events.

The increase—compared to the typical 50/50 gender split on other days—begins the week prior to a major match, LELO reps said in a release. The trend has been noted by the manufacturer during the build-up to the Champions League, the Super Bowl, the Tour de France and other key sporting events.

LELO officials have named the trend the “Brownie Sports Points” phenomenon, in which men buy premium sexy gifts in anticipation of not spending the usual amount of time with their partners.

LELO reports global sales are already soaring ahead of the World Cup kickoff next week and are expected to continue to rise during the month-long event.


  • Men usually account for 48-52 percent of global sales at, but this spikes to a global average of 72 percent in the week before big football matches or major sporting events.
  • Sales of female-centric toys, such as the Soraya rabbit-style vibrator ($199) and Gigi 2 ($119), rise by around 60 percent in that period.
  • Four out of every five sex toys sold will be bought by men in the week before the World Cup’s opening ceremony.


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