WASHINGTON, D.C.—August is turning out to be a very busy month for Julie Simone—she’s headed to her hometown of D.C. and then on to New York. On Friday, she will be performing and headlining D.C.’s biggest fetish event of the year, Summer Masquerade Ball. And ending her events in the nation’s capital, Julie will be hosting the Goddess Lounge Foot Party at the Loft Warehouse on Aug. 17—this is her first foot party in D.C., although she has done parties in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The next stop is New York, where she will be touring Aug. 19-23. On Aug. 21, fans can catch her and featured sub Nikki Sebastian performing at the fetish dance club Stimulate, taking place at the Crash Mansion in NYC.

“I’m excited to be heading back to the East Coast,” says Mistress Julie Simone. “The Summer Masquerade Ball is always the height of excitement every August and this will be my first stage show at this event. I can’t tell you what it will be, but it will involve latex and rope. You will just have to come out and see for yourself.”

Find out more about the Summer Masquerade Ball by visiting dcsmb.com for up-to-date information regarding performances, bands, DJs, the dress code and purchasing tickets. To get more information and advance tickets to Stimulate, go to Stimulate-me.com. For more information about the Goddess Lounge Foot Party, go to Juliesimone.com/footparty.