MIAMI—Baci Lingerie, a new and exciting Lingerie brand, announces that it will be one of the main sponsors at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10. The distinctive Baci logo will be prominently displayed on banners, windows, aisle banners, three-sided kiosks and column wraps throughout the entire Expo.

Baci Lingerie will also be displaying 20 50-inch television screens, placed in high exposure areas, running videos of the exotic lingerie. Following the signing of the sponsorship, Baci Lingerie Chief Executive Officer Robert Rosen commented: "Baci Lingerie needs to make a bold and eye-opening splash at a major event like the Adult Entertainment Expo. We are in a competitive market and as a new brand we are pleased to display to the world our excellence and quality."

Baci Lingerie has invested more than $25 million in their vision of making Lingerie the most affordable and at the same time the most sexy in the industry. From production of their first line of lingerie, which includes 500 styles, to advertising, to one of the most spectacular booths ever to be displayed at the International Lingerie Show, Baci Lingerie has been a major investment that will definitely be noticed in the lingerie industry.

Rosen added: "The sponsorship that we have put together for the Adult Entertainment Expo is going to be incredible! I have never seen such beautiful and amazing pictures of lingerie and our unique vision of displaying videos for each piece of lingerie will definitely be marvelled."

Baci Lingerie will make their debut at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in April 2010. Internetmarketing Miami, LLC, holder of the exclusive rights to Baci Lingerie, already has several worldwide partners and will be interested in building a few more relationships for selected countries.

Internetmarketing Miami, LLC, is a privately held company, headquartered in Miami, Fla. For further information, email