SAN DIEGO, CA—Alana Evans, singer, blogger, 17-year adult industry veteran and avid gamer, has announced that her coverage of the latest San Diego Comic-Con is now live on

"As an avid gamer and cosplayer, having High Times magazine ask me to cover SDCC was a dream come true for me," claimed Evans. "I got to meet so many of my fans from all different aspects of my career and the experience in itself is always a life changer from year to year."

Evans pens a monthly column for High Times entitled "The Stoned Gamer" in which she plays and reviews the latest games. The column has been so successful that fans have contacted her and informed her that they have ordered the games based on her reviews alone.

Alana also owns her own site which focuses on herself and other porn gamer girls which can be found here.

To read Alana's full coverage of SDCC, click here.

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