ANAHEIM, Calif.—This weekend, July 21-22, is the Summer edition of the Kush Expo, held twice a year at the Anaheim Convention Center—literally across the street from the Magic Kingdom/Disneyland, where most everyone will get a contact high from the kush cloud floating over the area.

The Expo hall will be filled with vendors staffing booths featuring products and services for medicinal marijuana. And right in the center is the stage that will be used for the now world-famous Hot Kush Girl Contest: Sexy cannabis models representing medical cannabis collectives all throughout Southern California.

This year the Expo will also be holding a "Kush Cup" sponsored by Blue Sage Microbes, highlighting the best strains in Southern California. Also, doctors will be on hand to do evaluations for whatever ails you. And just outside will be a huge tent for people to partake of their medicine on site. No medical card is needed to attend but you do have to be 18 years of age.

Attendees can find anything there—anything related to the herb: Pipes, paraphernalia, grinders, t-shirts for the love of pot, energy drinks with the miraculous hemp oil, grow lights, computer software for dispensary inventories, mobile truck growing units, vaporizers and so much more.

Check out the new behind the scenes video and commercial for this year’s Kush Expo on YouTube here.

See all the sexiest Kush Ladies on stage for the fans, and there is a possibility of seeing some of the Ganja Goddesses from the new radio show this Fall , "Ganja Goddess On Air." Click here for more details or check out their Twitter feed.

The radio program plans to have several well-known hosts appearing this Fall, including adult star Sativa Verte, Eve Batelle, and special NY correspondent, Ren, The Princess of Pot!

For more info and discounted tickets online, click here or follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.