SAN FRANCISCO - Eleven Titan Media films and three of the studio's contract stars were nominated for 2009 GAYVN Awards. In all, the company received 39 nominations, marking a 70-percent increase over the number of nominations received in 2008, a spokesman said.

Ten of the 12 gay adult titles produced during 2008 by the studio's TitanMen division received nominations. Leading the pack with 11 nominations is Breakers, GAYVN Hall of Fame director Bruce Cam's farewell opus and the first gay adult film released on Blu-ray. The panoramic outdoor feature received nods for Best Picture, Best Director, Best All-Sex Film, Best HD Feature, Best Threesome, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Packaging, Best Marketing, Best DVD Extras and Best DVD Special Edition.

Home Invasion by veteran director Joe Gage followed with six nominations: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Group Scene, Best Solo Performance and Best Screenplay. Other Gage-directed films received nominations, as well: Copperhead Canyon (Best HD Feature, Best Sex Scene - Duo) and Chainsaw (Best Group Scene, Best Oral Scene).

Two films from the co-branded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore/fetish films received a total of five nominations. Folsom Undercover received four nominations: Best Leather Film, Best Group Scene, Best Marketing and Best Fetish Film. Folsom Prison received a nomination for Best Fetish Film. Both titles were directed by GAYVN Hall of Famer Brian Mills.

In addition, Mills received a nod as Best Director for Funhouse, which also received nominations for Best All-Sex Film, Best Sex Scene - Duo  and Best Art Direction. Other Mills-directed films receiving nominations included Double Standard (Best Sex Scene - Duo), Telescope (Best Sex Scene - Duo) and Overdrive (Best Cum Shot).

Three TitanMen exclusive models were singled out for their performances, with Tony Buff and Dean Flynn each receiving five nominations and Diesel Washington receiving four. Buff received nods for Best Actor (Home Invasion), Best Fetish Performer, Best Group Scene (Folsom Undercover and Home Invasion) and Best Threesome (Breakers). Flynn received nominations for Performer of the Year, Best Group Scene (Chainsaw), Best Threesome (Breakers) and Best Sex Scene - Duo (Copperhead Canyon and Funhouse). Washington earned nods for Performer of the Year, Best Top and Best Sex Scene - Duo (Telescope).

Rounding out the studio's prestigious list of nominations are Best Foreign Release for Suite Dreams, directed by Richie Oldmann for the TitanMen Fresh brand, and Best Site of the Year for, the studio's new streaming Flash pay-per-minute website. 

"I am very pleased that the hard work and talent of my team is being acknowledged," said Titan CEO Bruce Cam. "2008 was our most productive and successful year to date. Even in a tough economic environment we were able to continue to grow and to prosper, thanks in large part to the creative excellence and hard work of my team. It is a great feeling to see my team's creativity and hard work being recognized."

Titan Media's 2009 GAYVN Awards nominations are:

Best Picture: Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Director: Bruce Cam, Breakers (TitanMen); Joe Gage, Home Invasion (TitanMen); Brian Mills, Funhouse (TitanMen)
Performer of the Year: Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington
Best Actor: Tony Buff, Home Invasion (TitanMen)
Best Supporting Actor: Tyler Saint, Home Invasion (TitanMen)
Best Top: Diesel Washington
Best Fetish Performer: Tony Buff
Best All-Sex Film: Breakers (TitanMen), Funhouse (TitanMen)
Best Fetish Film: Folsom Prison (TitanMen), Folsom Undercover (TitanMen)
Best Foreign Release: Suite Dreams (TitanMen Fresh)
Best HD Feature: Breakers (TitanMen), Copperhead Canyon (TitanMen)
Best Leather Film: Folsom Undercover (TitanMen)
Best Group Scene: Dillon Buck, Dean Flynn, Bigg Pete, Riley Burke, Ludovic Canot and Ken Mack in Chainsaw (TitanMen); Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp and Tyler Peter in Folsom Undercover (TitanMen); Tony Buff, Jackson Wild, Sean Preston, Ty Roberts and Tommy Ruckus in Home Invasion (TitanMen)
Best Threesome: Tony Buff, Rick van Sant and Dean Flynn in Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Sex Scene - Duo: Dean Flynn and Kurt Wild, Copperhead Canyon (TitanMen); Francois Sagat and Max Schutler, Double Standard (TitanMen); Dean Flynn and Eric Moreau, Funhouse (TitanMen); Steven Ponce and Diesel Washington, Telescope (TitanMen)
Best Oral Scene: Sebastian Rivers and CJ Madison, Chainsaw (TitanMen)
Best Solo Performance: Tommy Ruckus/Jackson Wild, Home Invasion (TitanMen)
Best Cum Shot: Scott Alexander, Overdrive (TitanMen)
Best Screenplay: Joe Gage, Home Invasion (TitanMen)
Best Cinematography: Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry, Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Art Direction: Funhouse (TitanMen)
Best Editing:
James Sheridan and Kawai, Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Packaging: Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Marketing: Breakers (TitanMen), Folsom Undercover (TitanMen)
Best DVD Extras: Breakers (TitanMen)
Best DVD Special Edition: Breakers (TitanMen)
Best Site of the Year:

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