SAN FRANCISCO – Tony Dimarco’s two-disc feature film, The Visitor, experienced a big enough sales surge during its first weekend to put the title at the top of Raging Stallion Studios’ 2009 top sellers list.


RSS President Chris Ward wouldn’t specify exact numbers, but he said he was excited about the title’s performance.

“We are very pleased with initial sales figures for The Visitor,” Ward said Tuesday. “These numbers make me wonder if the recession is really coming to an end.”

Ward suggested several reasons for the feature’s sales record.

“There is not that much new product out on the market [right now], so a new top-end film is going to get a large share of attention,” he said. “Also, Logan McCree, the 2009 GAYVN Performer of the Year, is a huge draw. He is the top porn star in the industry today.”

Ward also said Dimarco’s films traditionally perform very well for the studio. The Visitor, Ward noted, is a particularly ambitious project filled with high-end special effects.

“Some scenes recall the mainstream film Minority Report,” he said. “The Visitor is a major film in Dimarco’s career.”

Dimarco said he had to agree not only with the importance of the title among his body of work, but also with Ward’s assessment of McCree.

“Logan McCree is a great performer and consummate professional,” Dimarco said. “I’ve worked with Logan for over a year now, and we have a great creative relationship, which started with [Grabby Awards Best Picture winner] The Drifter. I think we have very similar tastes and are passionate about what we are trying to achieve in the films that we make. In the past, we’ve had many conversation about the kinds of films we like, our musical tastes, view on life, etc. The Visitor developed out of those discussions.

“I very happy with the way The Visitor turned out,” he added. “It’s a high-concept film with little or no dialogue, which is very different from the big films that I’ve made in the past. It’s a film that relies heavily on the visual. I like to think of myself a visual director, and Logan, I think, is a very visual performer, so it was a perfect combination.”

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