CYBERSPACE — This latest release from really takes Do It Yourself to a new level.

These handymen are hard at work renovating a house and prove to be great with their hands -- and pretty damn good with stiff cocks and hungry holes, too. Hung and horny Mark Brown starts things off by daydreaming whilst pasting a wall. It’s not long before his balls and cock grow heavy from his filthy thoughts.

Kevin Ateah, who finds himself face level to Brown’s growing bulge, is more than happy to take it out and reveal a hard cock he can suck the hell out of. After it gets nice and wet, Brown’s fantasy comes true.

With Ateah pushed against the wall, Brown works his hole, pushing deep in, pulling out, working him harder than any other job he’s been on.

Twinks of the Trade stars Ateah, Brown, Jose Manuel, Rudy, Jesse Jenkins, Max Poul, Kotly, and Kay Kwanah.

Available in Europe and the UK via Simply the Best and on download via Distributed in the US and Canada via Pulse Distribution.