SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Thanksgiving is the day that NakedSword debuts its latest original series from the NakedSword Original's production house headed by mr. Pam. The first episode of Truck is now playing on the all-new and features exclusive Christian Wilde getting it on with Jake Genesis on top of a motorcycle.

Truck is a real bar in San Francisco and in the five years since it opened has become one of the most popular gay bars in the city. Sure, they serve a stiff drink - but it's the anything goes after-hours that has everyone coming back.

This new series is based on true stories told by bar owner Paul Miller, allowing Truck to feature real sex in real situations filmed in the real Truck bar. 

In the premiere scene, bartender Christian Wilde lends a hand to a motorcyclist (Jake Genesis) when he ducks in for cover on a wet afternoon. But since the bar isn't yet open and Wilde has time to kill, it doesn't take long for the sex to shift into high gear, including more than a few positions on a motorcycle.   

If this is how fast Truck goes on a slow afternoon, imagine what happens on a Friday night.  

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