SAN FRANCISCO, CA — NakedSword Originals is set to premiere Stalker, its first original mini-series of 2012, which will play exclusively on the membership site. New episodes will go live every Tuesday for the next month. 

Stalker plans to differentiate itself from the competition by combining scenes of hot sex between A-list performers within an engaging storyline with what promotional material promises will be “real cliffhanger moments” crafted to encourage weekly visits for the latest update.

The first episode now playing is entitled “The Move” and features Brady Jensen, as part of a partnership with BelAmiOnline. 

On the premiere, NakedSword CEO and founder Tim Valenti says, “Since the launch of the new NakedSword a little over a month ago, we have released some great original content from our production branch, NakedSword Originals. With Stalker, we are raising our game and pushing the envelope by creating a real plot-driven, expertly shot and insanely hot mini-series that fans can follow week by week only on” 

In The Move, BelAmiOnline exclusive Brady Jensen is following his dreams and moving to San Francisco, having been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the face of a new men's fragrance. For an aspiring model like Brady, it’s a dream come true; not only has he just signed a one-year modeling contract, but also his new company is paying for his apartment and all of his moving expenses.

As the movers bring in his stuff, it quickly becomes clear that one of the movers -- Brian Bonds -- has his eye on Brady. After sending the other movers home, Bonds can't wait to offer up his ass as a housewarming present. Later, Brady finds a hand-written note in one of his moving boxes that leaves him worried that his move to SF might not be going as smoothly as he’d hoped.

Stalker director and NakedSword Originals head of production, award-winning director mr. Pam, added, "My vision for Stalker was to create a psychological sex thriller inspired by a true story and I'm proud to say that the end product has completely exceeded my expectations. We came up with four suspenseful cliffhangers for each episode that I think will keep viewers clamoring for more, just like Brady Jensen does. He has the most insane ass I’ve ever filmed!” 

Affiliates can find assets to promote the hit mini-series by visiting the NakedSword Affiliate Blog.