SAN FRANCISCO, CA — 2012 is the year NakedSword believes that it truly became the HBO of the gay porn industry, by combining blockbuster content from the top studios in the industry with its own premium, original programming from its new in-house production department, NakedSword Originals, The department is headed by award-winning director mr. Pam. At the beginning of 2012, it also launched the newest version of running on a new state-of-the-art back end.

Left with a new, more powerful and exclusive original content produced in-house, NakedSword decided the next logical step was to take control of its affiliate program by bringing it also in-house.

Enter NakedSwordCash.

Completely live now, this is the new official affiliate program for No longer will affiliate promotions be handled by Gunzblazing but, instead, they will be run completely out of NakedSword headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti says "Building an affiliate program on par with the breadth and depth of our brand is the latest step in what is proving to be a landmark year for us. As our affiliate business has grown, so have our needs. Therefore, it's time for NakedSword to own the activities related to the running and operation of our affiliate program."  

While building the new affiliate program NakedSwordCash it was decided to make major changes to their flagship site's design.  Enter the all new

Founder and CEO Tim Valenti explains, "As we began developing NakedSwordCash we took a second look at the main site and decided that we can do even better. So we took the opportunity to take our front end and members’ area design on to a whole other level.  I'm happy to announce that an impressive and significant upgrade to the design of is complete and live today in conjunction with our fully integrated new in-house affiliate program NakedSwordCash!"

The re-launch and debut come days before the launch of NakedSword Original's new series called Grindhouse, starring NakedSword Exclusive, Christian Wilde, Jake Genesis, Seth Knight, Trenton Ducatti and more. Episode 1 debuts Wednesday October 17, 2012 only on the all new