SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Visitors to will find something special today; a trailer for a 70’s gay porn movie parody of Charlie's Angels.

Yes, although porn parodies are all the rage these days, they’re nothing new. This early example is titled, Harley's Angels, which immediately gives it a certain biker charm. 

Mark Kleim, owner of Lavender Lounge and Vintage Bareback says, "I don't have the full movie of the Harley's Angels, but this came from a collection of vintage movie trailers that I will be adding to the site and they are hysterical! It's mostly the voiceover descriptions and hard-sell marketing that make them funny, but there are plenty of hot guys and visual kitsch, too." 

Directed by Arch Brown, the film was described as "a fantastic parody of Charlie's Angels where three hot guys must solve the mystery of Charlie's missing motorcycle gloves." 

The film starred Adam Peace, Jayson MacBride, Jesse St. James, Jonathan West, Justin Thyme, Ken Darrell, Marty Boyer, Pete Fellows and Webb Steel as Harley. 

View the trailer for Harley's Angels.