SAN FRANCISCO—Raging Stallion Studios, the San Francisco-based gay porn giant, announced today that it has sealed a deal with Jake Genesis to become an Exclusive model and serve as the face of the studio in the coming year. Additionally, Genesis will be acting as a part of the studios’ marketing team and a columnist in the Raging Stallion/Falcon E-Zine, HUNT

After beginning his porn career in Europe earlier this year and generating a large following, Genesis went on a U.S. tour booking multiple scenes with studios in the states, including one at Raging Stallion Studios for Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s Hard Friction site and release, Impact. While Genesis’ intent was to return to Europe, Cruz and Raging Stallion President Chris Ward hired him for two more scenes and then submitted an offer to Genesis that he couldn’t pass up: an exclusive contract with additional exposure as the representative of the studio and an opportunity to chronicle his journey in a biweekly column in HUNT E-Zine.

A striking man with a distinctively Raging Stallion look, Genesis sports a handsome face, muscles, just the right amount of man-fur, a sizeable dick and attractive ass. To add to his sex appeal, this Idaho native is a former Oakland, CA police sergeant who graduated from The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at UC Berkeley. He’s a versatile performer who is quickly becoming a powerhouse with a fan base that is exponentially growing. His new partnership with Raging Stallion will expose him to an even larger audience and will have him on the road visiting fans around the U.S. and worldwide.

Genesis’ first DVD, Impact, from Hard Friction is now available on the Raging Stallion store - and the first scene from the movie will be available on on January 1, 2013. 

His second release, Monster Bang’s Cock Craze, directed by Adam Killian, is now live on the membership site, and the DVD will be available for purchase this Friday, December 7.

"I came to the US to do a three month ‘tour’ filming with these amazing studios and had every intention of returning to my adopted home, the beautiful and friendly Madrid,” states Genesis. "However, Raging Stallion happened along the way, and it was a perfect match. Three hot scenes later there was talk of an exclusive contract, which I was pleased to accept without hesitation. I want to thank Chris Ward; VP of Production, Adam Q. Robinson; and Hall of Fame Director, Steve Cruz for making this partnership possible. Also, I have to extend gratitude to my super agent-manager-friend John Tegan, who, with great fortitude, puts up with me and handles the details. Without John, my U.S. tour and this amazing relationship with Raging Stallion would have never happened."

"A talent like Jake Genesis comes along once in a blue moon.  And not only is he a terrific performer, he’s everything I ever envisioned a Raging Stallion man to be — muscled, hairy and roguishly handsome with impressive endowments. Plus, he’s smart as a whip and he is an engaging personality that fans and industry colleagues can relate to on many levels,” stated Ward. "It was a pleasure to offer him an unprecedented deal that makes him a major presence at Raging Stallion for the coming year and has him representing us in an appearance marketing capacity, as well as giving him the platform to journal his experiences and opinions in his HUNT column.”