SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- NakedSword Originals has released the finale of its smash hit series Grindhouse, which is now playing only on the all-new 

According to promotional accounts, there is nothing typical about this finale. In fact, in an industry first the series finale of Grindhouse was filmed in front of a live audience of over 100 extras at San Francisco's famous Nob Hill Theatre. 

The set and extras aren't the only things said to make this scene one-of-a-kind. The scene features three of the biggest, most popular and top notch performers in the business today; Adam Killian, Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati.

NakedSword Original's director and head of production mr. Pam says of the amazing Grindhouse finale, "I'm so proud of this series as a whole, but in particular with this stand-out scene. It's truly amazing, totally unique and like nothing else released these days. It is destined to be one of, if not the biggest scenes of the year!" 

In the series finale of Grindhouse fans see Trenton Ducati go to any length to save his club. Considering he's only got one last chance, he has to pull out the big guns and his name is Genesis.

In the riveting finale of Grindhouse, Ducati is counting on the hung headliner to bring in the crowds — and the money to keep the club going. Sure enough, as Genesis begins to make his moves, the fans pour in. But it's Killian who rushes the stage, aching for a duet that's not on the bill. Soon Ducati realizes that to make this complete he needs to join in. It's an epic threesome all in front of a live audience.

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