SAN FRANCISCO, CA — NakedSword Originals has released the third episode from its popular series Grindhouse — and it features a seriously sexy newcomer named Tyler Alexander.   

Alexander attempts to enter The Grindhouse strip club when it's closed by trying to get around Christian Wilde at the front door. After Wilde scuffles with Alexander and finds drugs on him, he threatens to call the cops. Within seconds, Wilde has fully taken advantage of the situation and has Alexander on his knees in the hallway of the club sucking him off.

If Alexander expects Wilde to go soft on him, he's in for a shock. Wilde bends him over and gives it to him with a vengeance — then throws him out of the club. Wilde sees that Alexander left more than a little evidence behind and when Adam Killian (appearing in next week’s final episode) stumbles across it a few minutes later, the fuse is lit for the real fireworks to begin.

The series finale of Grindhouse is next week and it ends with a gay porn first: a three-way featuring Jake Genesis, Trenton Ducati and Adam Killian filmed at San Francisco's famous Nob Hill Theatre in front of a live audience of over 100 extras.

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