SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A new feature from San Francisco-based Falcon Studios, Buck Naked, is now available for pre-order. Steve Cruz takes a group of guys, including Falcon/Raging Exclusives Ryan Rose and Shawn Wolfe, to a secluded cabin and records what happens when they all get Buck Naked. The release is currently available on the Falcon Online Store with a special gift with purchase, and it will be available in retail stores and online everywhere on June 18, 2013.

The cabin is the perfect place to get Buck Naked, and when everyone else is naked too, there’s bound to be plenty of sudden hard ons, impromptu blow jobs and all-out, hardcore sex. The couplings that award-winning director Steve Cruz conjures up for fan’s erotic pleasure are some of the best pairings in recent Falcon history.

New Falcon superstar Exclusive, Ryan Rose, gives his first Falcon bottoming performances. The first, paired with Tyler Wolf – and second, an earth-shaking flip-flop with fellow Exclusive Shawn Wolfe. For Landon Conrad, a quiet read is impossible when his meaty pecs and bulging delts are a lust-alert for any passer-by whose balls need draining. That would be smooth young Logan Vaughn, whose roving hands won't stop until his ass is plundered by Conrad's cock. Bodybuilders Marcus Ruhl and Angelo combine tough with tender and make fans wonder if their tongues are as muscular as the rest of them, then Ruhl’s ass meets with Angelo’s cock.

“Filming sex, for me, is about stripping away the unnecessary layers and getting to the naked passion between men,” states Cruz. “That’s what Buck Naked is all about. Hot sex in a cozy cabin and the men have little between them except perfectly chiseled abs. It was my first time working with new exclusive Ryan Rose. One word, Superstar!” 

"When you look at the cover of Buck Naked, you know you’re going to be in for some hot action. Two of the hottest men on the planet, Ryan Rose and Shawn Wolfe, naked, staring at you.  And, it’s not just the cover, the action Steve Cruz captured in this movie is exceptional," exclaims Chris Ward. "While every scene is amazing, the flip fuck between Rose and Wolfe ranks in list of Falcon’s most amazing scenes.  These guys have chemistry and they are terrific erotic performers.”