SAN FRANCISCO, CA  — San Francisco based Falcon Studios has signed 27 year-old Ryan Rose to an exclusive performer contract.  Rose, an openly gay former college football player and former U.S. Marine, is slated to appear in the studio’s films for the duration of 2013. The new Falcon Exclusive stands 6’2”, weighs in at a solid 200 lbs. and has a boy-next-door image that represents the ideal Falcon man.  A versatile performer who enjoys taking it as much as giving it, Rose comes with a built-in fan base from a reputation on the internet as one of America’s sexiest young men.

The performer was brought in to make his first appearance in a new line of gay porn being launched by Falcon / Raging Stallion. The new venture, set to debut in April, is the first new line launched by either studio in the last five years and one of the biggest undertakings from the studios since their merger in early 2011. Rose will be a major part of the new content and primarily appear in Falcon Studios features. Prior to the release of his first DVD, fans will be able to catch him on and Live Performances starting with his premiere on Thursday, February 21 at 7:00 pm ET.

Falcon / Raging Stallion Studios president Chris Ward was impressed with Rose as soon as he saw his photographs. “When I saw Ryan Rose for the first time, I thought ‘wow — this man is what Falcon Studios is all about!’ His physique is a perfect example of a gymnast build — cut and tight, and his face is as good as the best leading men in Hollywood. Whenever a guy like Ryan comes to us to do porn, I am thankful that I have the best job on earth.”

Rose’s agent, Howard Andrew, CEO of FabScout Entertainment, stated “I am so happy to have an amazing relationship with Chris Ward and his entire team at Raging Stallion/Falcon. This pairing was literally one of the best matches I have seen in many years Ryan Rose and Falcon Studios - a perfect pair. I wish them both all the success in the world.” 

Andrew will handle all of Rose’s appearances.  His first as a Falcon Exclusive will be as the headliner of Orlando Erotica on March 22.