CYBERSPACE — Sometimes a man in need of relief just has to take himself in hand. After all, who knows a man’s body better than the man who lives inside of it? Colt Studios is well aware of the precision, expertise, intensity and pure hotness to be found watching a hunky dude stroking himself to eruption, so it is bringing Relief, featuring Casey Williams, to the internet.

As is often the case, the “plot” is thin, even if the performer’s dick is thick.

Flipping through a copy of the Colt 40 book, a hardback collector’s book celebrating over 40 years of Colt Men in photography, muscle-jock Williams admires the iconic images of true Colt Men, past and present. 

Stroking his cock, he slowly flips through the pages until he lands on an especially awe-inspiring image of Colt Man John Pruitt. Inspired by what he sees, Williams strips down to the nude so he can see how well he measures up.  

Williams’ muscled physique and rugged sex appeal definitely fit the bill. Flexing his muscles and man-handling his rock-hard cock, Williams takes his inspiration to the next level.
As the camera adores every inch of his chiseled body, Williams draws viewers in with a close up view of his muscular ass, spreading those mounds of muscled flesh to give a tantalizing view of his pleasure zones.
With his stiff cock firmly in hand, Williams settles back into a chair to give his boner some much needed Relief

With an intense glare directly into the camera, Williams connects with viewers, eye-to-eye, knowing what they want to see. With a devilish smirk on his face, he signals that he is ready to give them what they want. 

With a few long and deliberate strokes of his cock, he lets loose a rocket shot of cum, which shoots far and wide, giving himself a facial shot full of his own dick juice. A smile and a laugh escapes Williams as he feels the deep down Relief of a satisfying load.

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Relief will be released on DVD in January.