SAN DIEGO, Calif. - When Brent Corrigan trekked up to Lake Tahoe with 10 porn boys a little more than a year ago, the cameras rolled 24/7 as though they were filming a reality TV show. Brent Corrigan's Summit, a co-production between Dirty Bird Pictures and Prodigy Pictures, resulted.

This week, the two studios released Brent Corrigan's Summit: The Director's Cut, which more than doubles the amount of content on the original DVD. Four additional hardcore scenes bring the total number of scenes to eight. In addition, an extended version of the "Truth or Dare" game and a behind-the-scenes feature document the 10-day Tahoe shoot.

A dual-layer disc contains the four original scenes plus a duo between Mason Wyler and Kodie Payne and a four-way featuring Adam Wells, Reese Reynolds, Brooklyn Ray and Justin Tyler. On the same dual-layer disc is the behind-the-scenes material.

A second disc contains photo galleries, trailers of other Dirty Bird movies, the extended Truth or Dare game and new solo features of Wyler and Tyler.

"It was tough to decide which scenes we would put in the original release, because all of the scenes we shot are equally good," director Corrigan said. "I am really pleased that we are now able to give our fans the complete show we taped over 10 days in Lake Tahoe."

Executive Producer Dink Flamingo added, "Dirty Bird Pictures has been fortunate over this past year to produce many very successful titles. Our directors and models and production staff have all worked hard to create features that excite our fan base and inject interest and creativity into the industry."

Dirty Bird Pictures has released the director's cut for the same price as the original feature. The DVD set is available at and at Prodigy Pictures' website,

Pulse Distribution is handling wholesale orders.